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Would you like to broadcast your wireless signal in every corner of your home or office? A lot of notable access points brands will disappoint you as common barriers such as walls and floors will prevent them from doing that. But the UniFi developed by Ubiquiti Network is something else. Its power and reach allows it to serve every nook and cranny. You can browse, e-mail, stream, and do whatever you want with great ease no matter where you are. 


Sector AirMax 5G16-120
Do you want to broadcast a stronger Internet connection within the campus, building, or neighborhood? Ubiquiti Network, one of the leading and growing brands for networking schemes, meets your requirements by giving you an in-demand and effective sector antenna solution known as AM-5G16-120.


Price You Can Afford
The NanoStation Loco M2 is positioned as a low-cost CPE. Since it doesn’t break the bank, it allows you to enjoy high cost savings without feeling the pinch on quality since it remains superior when it comes to throughput performance. This also makes small businesses, campuses, and neighborhoods, among others, to build a reliable network at a cost they can easily manage. 

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